Ответы и решения к заданиям учебника Л.С.Атанасяна, by Фадеев В.Ю.

By Фадеев В.Ю.

Пособие содержит подробный разбор всех задании из учебника по геометрии для 10-11 классов авторов Л.С. Атанасяна, В.Ф. Кутузова и др. (М.: Просвещение)Ответы и решения представлены в соответствии со структурой* учебника, что значительно облегчит поиск необходимой информации.

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63 Because blacks were disproportionately employed in the service sector, they were particularly vulnerable to the economic crisis that forced even well-to-do residents to scale back on luxuries like keeping servants, dining out, and traveling by rail. For those of all races, the Great Depression presented American workers with unprecedented hardships and misery, but also with an extraordinary new opportunity. The creation of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in 1936 brought into the American labor movement legions of unskilled and semiskilled workers who had long been excluded by the narrow craft unionism of the AFL.

Charlotta and her husband, Joseph Bass, ran the paper jointly until his death in 1934, after which she ran it singlehandedly. In 1932, Charlotta Bass hired a recent migrant and young reporter with impeccable recommendations, Leon Washington. The ambitious Washington quickly tired of reporting and, with a loan from an influential cousin, started his own newspaper, the Los Angeles Sentinel. Like the California Eagle, the Los Angeles Sentinel railed against racism in Southern California. Washington personally investigated, photographed, and then published serialized reports on the effects of discrimination along Central Avenue (see figure 2).

7 Less well understood is the way in which the social and political experiences of migrants from different parts of the South influenced their expectations of Los Angeles and their reactions when those expectations were not met. Virtually all blacks in the South shared common experiences with odious racism, but the effects of that racism differed from community to community, producing distinctive experiences with ethnic competition, labor relations, and political activity. The cities of Shreveport, New Orleans, and Houston, for example, demonstrate the diversity of those experiences.

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