1001 Arabian Nights - Supplemental Nights - Volume 16 by Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

By Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

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FN#150] Now this man, who was standing beside the Chief of Police, seized the opportunity of saying, "O Emir, what booteth our standing idle in this stead? " Hereat came forward another lieutenant who was called Hasan[FN#151]--the Handsome--for that his face was fair and his works were fairer and he was a meeting-place of fairest deeds; and the same was wont to stand at the Wali's door as a symbol of ruth to mankind. " All this took place while the old woman heard from behind the door whatso they said.

Art thou Jinn-mad? " But the Commander of the Faithful shouted at him saying, "Ho! " and the chattel in his awe of the Caliphate fancied that the roar was of a lion about to rend him and he ran off and entered the presence of his owner quivering with terror. " Now when the Emir Yunas heard his words, he raged with such excessive rage that his soul was like to leave his body and he cried out saying, "Since the man addressed thee as 'ill-omened slave,' and thou art my chattel, I therefore am servile and of evil-omen.

The visit of entrance was paid by the two bridegrooms on a single night when both went in unto their wives and took their joy of them, and made perfect their lives with the liveliest enjoyment. And ever after they passed the fairest of days till such time as came to them the Destroyer of delights and the Severer of societies and all passed away and died. So praise be to the Ever-Living who dieth not! Such is the tale which came down to us in completion and perfection, and glory be to God, the Lord of the three Worlds.

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