29 Delicious Vegetarian Egg Recipes: Vegetarian Diet Series by Monique LaGarra

By Monique LaGarra

Within this publication you will discover: 29 scrumptious Vegetarian Egg Recipes: Curried Eggs, Gold Curried Eggs, Baked Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Shirred Eggs, challenging Boiled Eggs, Lyonnaise Eggs, Eggs With Mushrooms, Savory Eggs, Fricasseed Eggs, Eggs compelled, Egg Cutlets, Roasted Eggs, Eggs In Cream, Escaloped Eggs, Poached Eggs Spanish variety, Swiss Eggs, Dressed Omelets, Tomato Dressing, Omelet, With French Peas, Mushroom Filling, Foamy Omelet, Bread Omelet and lots of extra, with clickable desk of Contents with sections, effortless to stick with instructions and transparent formatting.

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When hot, pour over three slices of toast. Rub the yolks through a strainer over all and garnish with parsley.

VEGETABLE OMELET Chop an onion finely, together with two crisp heads of lettuce, season with salt and pepper, and stir in six well beaten eggs, add three tablespoonfuls of cream. Pour into hot, buttered spider, and when thickened, but not hardened, fold over and serve on hot platter. Parsley may be used, if preferred, in place of lettuce. CHEESE OMELET, NO. 1 Break three eggs into a basin; whip them till well mixed; add pepper and salt, and two ounces of grated cheese; melt one tablespoonful of butter in frying pan: when the butter is quite hot pour the mixture into the pan; as soon as it begins to set, draw the thickening portion from the bottom of pan with a silver fork, letting the liquid substance cover the pan, do not stir; repeat this operation until it is all sufficiently cooked; then turn onto a heated platter, garnished with parsley, or cress.

DEVILLED EGGS Boil the eggs for twenty minutes, remove the shells, cut each egg in half without breaking the whites; take out the yolks and pound them in a mortar, adding cayenne, salt and curry powder. Stuff the whites with this paste and join the eggs to their original shape. Cut off just sufficient of each broad end to enable them to stand, and arrange them thus on a dish in a bed of cress or parsley. EGGS ON TOAST Put one tablespoonful of butter in a chaffing dish, and when bubbling add one tablespoonful of flour, one half teaspoonful of salt, one half saltspoonful of pepper, and, gradually, one cupful of milk.

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