34 Days: Israel, Hezbollah, and the War in Lebanon by Amos Harel

By Amos Harel

This is the 1st finished account of the development of the second one Lebanese struggle, from the border abduction of an Israeli soldier at the morning of July 12, 2006, during the hasty selection for an competitive reaction; the fateful discussions within the cupboard and the senior Israeli command; to the heavy battling in south Lebanon and the raging diplomatic battles in Paris, Washington and New York.  

The ebook solutions the subsequent questions: has Israel realized the ideal classes from this failed military confrontation? What can Western international locations study from the IDF's failure opposed to a fundamentalist Islamic terror organization?  And what function did Iran and Syria play during this affair?

34 Days delivers the 1st blow-by-blow account of the Lebanon warfare and new insights for the way forward for the sector and its results at the West. 

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There was a great deal of logic behind the decision to withdraw from Lebanon. Even the restraint policy of the years that followed can, to an extent, be justified. It is doubtful if Israel had the necessary military and civilian resources in order to launch a serious response in Lebanon. But it could have made an attempt to define the rules of the game in October 2000. By not doing so, Israel placed both sides on a slippery slope that led ultimately to the July 2006 outburst. ARIK, KING OF SELF-RESTRAINT From March 2001 to early January 2006, the one politician who could not, under any circumstances, allow himself the luxury of a new IDF offensive in 42 34 Days Lebanon held the reins of government in Israel.

Most Israelis will probably remember it by the endless line of photographs of casualties adorning the front pages of the national papers every month throughout the 1990s. Yet Lebanon was the defining experience for an entire generation of officers and young fighters who came of age during those years. About two years after Gerstein’s death, his friend Colonel Moshe (Chico) Tamir took part in a roadnaming ceremony in his name in Metulla, Israel’s northernmost town, across the border from Lebanon.

Are you a Lebanese citizen? Is you being a Shiite means that you have to give priority to Iran over Lebanon? Do you have the freedom to have your own opinions? the freedom of expression? Is it possible to think calmly and to ask where are we going with this nation, the institutions of this state, with plurality, with the coexistence that we have to defend now? If you are a Shiite and you dare write such writings and such think such thinking, then you must be a foreign agent and a traitor. . And that means you support Israel itself and its satanic war machine and its extreme savagery and you justify its killing, its occupation, its folly and you are lucky if you are not accused to be the one destroying the houses on people’s heads and the dismemberment of children’s corpses and their scattering on the heaps of debris.

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