A Short Course in Elementary Mechanics for Engineers by Clifford Newton. Mills

By Clifford Newton. Mills

Writer: manhattan, D. Van Nostrand corporation ebook date: 1916 matters: Mechanics Notes: this is often an OCR reprint. there's typos or lacking textual content. There are not any illustrations or indexes. should you purchase the final Books version of this ebook you get loose trial entry to Million-Books.com the place you could choose between greater than 1000000 books at no cost. you may also preview the publication there.

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10. P. of an engine which keeps a train moving at a uniform rate of 60 miles is of 180 tons weight per hour, the total resistance being 10 pounds per ton? 11. Two men put a car weighing 5 tons into motion by exerting on it a force of 80 pounds. The resistance how far will the car have moved being 10 pounds per ton, in one minute? 12. of A train of weight 200 tons, is ascending an incline is sin~^ 2^^, and the total re- which the inclination is 20 pounds per ton. P. and working at full power, find the speed at which sistance the train is moving.

A train of weight 300 tons is travelling speed of 60 miles per hour. stop it with a Find the force which will in 500 yards. An with all brakes on and steam shut off from 60 to 20 miles per hour in 800 yards. speed At the instant the speed was 20 miles per hour the engine 16. reduced engine its 48 ELEMENTARY MECHANICS FOR ENGINEERS collides with a have saved the car. How much additional space would collision? 17. A train of weight 100 tons, is travelling at the uniform velocity of 30 miles per hour on a level track, and the total resistance is 20 pounds per ton.

How much work does a man do who weighs 165 pounds in going to the top? 3. A man can pump 25 gallons of water per minute to much work is he able to do the height of 15 feet. How Assume in a lo-hour day. 8 pounds. 4. P. to a height of 200 ELEMENTARY MECHANICS FOR ENGINEERS 42 What must be feet during each minute. P. of an one-fourth of the power is lost through friction? 5. P. of an engine capable of raising 10 tons of coal through a distance of 33 feet in 2 minutes? 6. The inclination of a mountain path to the horizon is How much 30°.

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