Adaptive Control of Systems with Actuator Failures by Gang Tao PhD, Shuhao Chen, Xidong Tang, Suresh M. Joshi PhD

By Gang Tao PhD, Shuhao Chen, Xidong Tang, Suresh M. Joshi PhD (auth.)

When an actuator fails, chaos or calamity can frequently ensue.

It is as the actuator is the ultimate step within the regulate chain, whilst the keep watch over system’s directions are made bodily actual that failure may be so vital and tough to catch up on. while the character or situation of the failure is unknown, the offsetting of consequent approach uncertainties turns into much more awkward.

Adaptive regulate of structures with Actuator Failures facilities on counteracting events within which unknown keep watch over inputs develop into indeterminately unresponsive over an doubtful time period by way of adapting the responses of last sensible actuators. either "lock-in-place" and varying-value mess ups are handled. the implications awarded demonstrate:

• the lifestyles of nominal plant-model matching controller buildings with linked matching stipulations for all attainable failure patterns;

• the alternative of a fascinating adaptive controller structure;

• derivation of novel mistakes versions within the presence of failures;

• the layout of adaptive legislation permitting controllers to reply to mixtures of uncertainties stemming from activator disasters and process parameters.

Adaptive keep watch over of structures with Actuator Failures could be of importance to manage engineers usually and particularly to either lecturers and business practitioners engaged on safety-critical platforms or these within which full-blown fault identity and analysis is both too time eating or too expensive.

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M, j = i, and ui (t) = vi (t) = vi (t). 69) becomes d¯j (t) . 62), we rewrite gi∗ (t) as m gi∗ (t) = nd j=i l=1 ∗ are where the parameters gijl ∗ =− gijl ∗ ks2i ∗ ∗ djl , j = 1, . . , m, j = i, l = 1, . . , nd . 72) is derived from the special case when all uj (t) but ui (t) fail, it is the right form for the general case when there are p failed actuators, that is, uj (t) = u ¯j + d¯j (t), j = j1 , . . , jp . 1. 72) of gi∗ (t), i = 1, . . 69). 70), when all uj (t) but ui (t) fail. ,jp d¯j (t)/ks2j , contains fjl (t), j = j1 , .

4) is also sufficient for solving the adaptive actuator failure compensation problem. 1). 4 for adaptive actuator failure compensation designs using parameter estimates for different failure models: constant, parametrizable, or unparametrizable varying failures. 1 Fundamental Issues and Solutions 19 modeling, controller structures, plant-model matching, error models, adaptive laws, stability analysis, which are different from those in the standard adaptive control cases without actuator failures, are to be addressed.

Jp . 159). Since Ba consists of only bj , j = j1 , . . , jp , rank(Ba ) < rank(B) means that there is at least one of bj , j = j1 , . . , a column of Bf ), that cannot be expressed as a linear combination of the columns of Ba . Since u ¯j , j = j1 , . . 160). 160). 163) means rank(Ba ) = rank([Ba |Bf u ¯f ]). 160). 165) ∇ Plant-Model Matching with up to m − q Actuator Failures. Now we consider the case of up to m − q actuator failures. 160) are satisfied. Hence, we have the following conditions for plant-model matching in the presence of up to m − q actuator failures.

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