Advanced Materials: Physics, Mechanics and Applications by Ivan A. Parinov

By Ivan A. Parinov

Advanced fabrics are the root of recent technological know-how and know-how. This complaints quantity offers a vast spectrum of reports of novel fabrics masking their processing thoughts, physics, mechanics, and functions. The ebook is focused on nanostructures, ferroelectric crystals, fabrics and composites, fabrics for sunlight cells and in addition polymeric composites. Nanotechnology ways, sleek piezoelectric recommendations and likewise most recent achievements in fabrics technology, condensed subject physics, mechanics of deformable solids and numerical equipment are offered. nice realization is dedicated to novel units with excessive accuracy, toughness and prolonged percentages to paintings in extensive temperature and strain levels, competitive media and so on. The features of fabrics and composites with greater houses starting new probabilities of a variety of actual procedures, particularly transmission and receipt of signs less than water, are described.

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