Algebraic Topology and Transformation Groups: Proceedings of by Stefan Bauer (auth.), Tammo tom Dieck (eds.)

By Stefan Bauer (auth.), Tammo tom Dieck (eds.)

Contents: S. Bauer: The homotopy form of a 4-manifold with finite primary group.- C.-F. Bödigheimer, F.R. Cohen: Rational cohomology of configuration areas of surfaces.- G. Dylawerski: An S1 -degree and S1 -maps among illustration spheres.- R. Lee, S.H. Weintraub: On sure Siegel modular types of genus and degrees above two.- L.G. Lewis, Jr.: The RO(G)-graded equivariant usual cohomology of advanced projective areas with linear /p actions.- W. Lück: The equivariant degree.- W. Lück, A. Ranicki: surgical procedure transfer.- R.J. Milgram: a few comments at the Kirby - Siebenmann class.- D. Notbohm: The fixed-point conjecture for p-toral groups.- V. Puppe: easily attached manifolds with out S1-symmetry.- P. Vogel: 2 x 2 - matrices and alertness to hyperlink thought.

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The assignment of M G to M is a special case of an important construction in induction theory [DRE, LE2] that assigns a Mackey functor M b to each object b of B(G) and each Mackey functor M. The restriction map A: M(e)-4 M ( e ) P ~ M G ( e ) p:M(1)-+M(e)~MG(t form a natural ) and transformation the diagonal map p from M to M G. Similarly, r : MG(1) ~ M ( e ) + M(1) and the folding map V: MG(e ) ~ M ( e ) p + M(e) form a natural transformation r : M G -+ M. The Mackey functor A c = L(77p) is characterized by the fact that, for any Mackey functor M, there is a one-to-one correspondence between maps f : Ao -+ M and elements of M(e).

T h e only values in this plot with odd horizontal coordinate are the R_ and L_ on the horizontal axis and the (7//2} in the fourth quadrant. • . 2. - (7//2) (~/2) ... (7//2) (7//2) ... (~12) (~12) ... (~/2) (7//2) ... H~S ° for p = 2. Even though the representation ring of G is much more complicated when p :/= 2, I-I~S ° is completely determined by the integers a and ]o~GI except in the special case where Isl = c~c ---- 0. In this special case, II~S ° is Aid] for some integer 65 d which depends on a.

P We continue to let f-l(0), f-l(1), f-l(~) (resp. cardinality i, 2, i in X2). component (x,y,x), by the action of (resp. 0 and ~). 2, I, I in Xp irreducible X is a 2-fold branched cover of denote the covering projection. have cardinallty and denote the quotient of P projects onto one (*,x,y), (x,*,y), where * = 0, I, or of the (x,y,*), ~ and x Thus we have six kinds of components, and we will gather the number of each kind into a 6-tuple, whose sum is the number of components of AA = A0 has the 6-tuple a) The follows: case For example, when (3,3,3,1,1,1,) A = F.

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