Alternatives to State-Socialism in Britain: Other Worlds of by Peter Ackers, Alastair J. Reid (eds.)

By Peter Ackers, Alastair J. Reid (eds.)

This ebook poses a tremendous revisionist problem to twentieth century British labour background, aiming to appear past the Marxist and Fabian exclusion of operating category event, particularly faith and self-help, which will exaggerate ‘labour circulation’ type harmony. rather than a ‘forward march’ to secular state-socialism, the learn provided this is dedicated to a wealthy range of social routine and ideas. during this number of essays, the editors determine the liberal-pluralist culture, with the next chapters overlaying 3 special sections. half One, ‘Other types of organization’ covers matters similar to alternate unions, the Co-operative celebration, women’s group activism and Protestant Nonconformity. half , ‘Other Leaders’, covers company Edward Cadbury; Trades Union Congress chief Walter Citrine; and the electricians’ chief, Frank Chapple. half 3, ‘Other Intellectuals’, considers G.D.H. Cole, Michael younger and left libertarianism via Stuart White. Readers drawn to the British Labour move will locate this a useful resource.

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They operated with a good deal of autonomy, and played key roles in determining how the inevitable conflicts at work 36 R. WHITING were either smoothed over or developed into strike action. 16 They engaged in a fairly constant battle to restrict the amount of overtime that their members wanted to work so that employment opportunities might be created for other union members who needed them. On most committees there was a high turnover of stewards, but for those who stayed the course it was possible to be in a senior position for many years, and to have a strong sense of how their own organization had developed over time.

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