An Ancient Shopping Center: The Athenian Agora (Agora by Burr Thompson Dorothy

By Burr Thompson Dorothy

In addition to being a political heart, the Agora was once the focal point of a loud and sundry advertisement existence. This publication illustrates the archaeological, documentary and pictorial facts for trades as different as shoemaking, fishmongering, fabric making, and the manufacture of luxurious items and perfumes. purchasing used to be only one element of this public house: historic Athenians might even have acquired clinical remedy, been married and buried, made sacrifices, and bought schooling within the Agora . . . and the cloth is still from those actions also are mentioned. shiny images and priceless assets, like a desk of costs and coinage, deliver the bustling market to existence.

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Daily libations to the deities were poured on an altar in the center of the court or by the front door. Poorer people set up small terracotta altars as incense burners and tiny votive cups to hold token offerings. The figure of a pig wearing a sacrificial garland was an acceptable substitute for a real boar (61). 61. Offerings for a House Shrine. Various Periods. 62. Scene at the Grave. C. 64. Marble Perfume Vase. C. FOR T H E FUNERAL I N A T H E N Sthe dead could be cremated or buried. Funerary vases, especially alabastra (64), held perfumed oil; it was also given in less expensive clay lekythoi painted with scenes in bright colors on a white ground.

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