Andrology Laboratory Manual by Ph.D. Agarwal;Ms Srinivas Kamini A. Rao;Ashok

By Ph.D. Agarwal;Ms Srinivas Kamini A. Rao;Ashok

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Human sperm receive a lot of guidance from the female reproductive system. Within the uterine environment, sialic acid binding protein (SABP), secreted by the endometrial walls, is found to bind to sperm and helps the influx of calcium during sperm capacitation (Banerjee and Chowdhury, 1995). Atrial natriuretic peptides (ANPs) in the follicular fluid have been shown to affect sperm swimming speed and act as a chemoattractant towards sperm in vitro (Zamir et al 1993; Anderson et al 1995). The female reproductive system aids in modulating sperm progression and regulates the number of sperm that enter the ampulla of oviduct, which is the site of fertilization.

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