Anisotropic elasticity by Ting T.C.T.

By Ting T.C.T.

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In: Proceedings of the first joint eurohaptics conference and symposium on haptic interfaces for virtual environment and teleoperator systems, IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, pp 63–72 41. Gescheider GA, Bolanowski Jr SJ, Verrillo RT, Arpajian DJ, Ryan TF (1990) Vibrotactile intensity discrimination measured by three methods. J Acoust Soc Am 87:330 42. Gescheider GA, Bolanowski SJ, Greenfield TC, Brunette KE (2005) Perception of the tactile texture of raised-dot patterns: a multidimensional analysis.

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp 1–55 79. Kuchenbecker KJ, Niemeyer G (2006) Improving telerobotic touch via high-frequency acceleration matching. In: Proceedings of 2006 IEEE international conference on robotics and automation, IEEE, New York, pp 3893–3898 80. Lamb GD (1983) Tactile discrimination of textured surfaces: psychophysical performance measurements in humans. J Physiol 338(1):551 81. LaMotte RH, Mountcastle VB (1975) Capacities of humans and monkeys to discriminate vibratory stimuli of different frequency and amplitude: a correlation between neural events and psychological measurements.

Moreover, they do not give any details about the stress distribution inside the tissues. This section reviews the continuum mechanics models that attempted to explain the diffusion of stress inside the fingertip and link the strain pattern to the spatio-temporal tactile perception. A number of models are based on Boussinesq’s equation for the deformation of an infinite plane and consider only the superficial layer of the skin. They also approximate the skin as a plane by unrolling the fingertip.

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