AS-90 Braveheart in Detail

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Size of the o r a n g e identification field is well obvious from the p h o to to the right. Below: Crew members are reheating their c a n n e d f o o d in the pressurized box. In its original version the box could a c c o m m o date 4 cans next to e a c h other, but with the second gun loader present, the fifth one fits in as well, though a bit d e f o r m e d , resting on the other four. This "cooker" can also be encountered on the other vehicles AS-90's Crew 43 Middle: Two pictures of the vehicles' commander.

Turret Interior Details 31 Turret Interior Details 33 The white-colored box at the bottom of the picture houses the computer controlling the turret mechanisms. Above it, there a r t the control panels of the filtering and ventilation system and communications. This p a g e gives the detail of the area to the left from the gun carriage, with the turret driving hydraulic and electrical systems. Left: Downward view of the turret interior with the gun loader's seat. Above and two pictures below: Positions of the first and second gun loader's in the left half of the turret's combat area.

Below: It is noteworthy here what deposits of mud were "produced" by the driver of another AS-90. Other pictures have captured the crew members enjoying their respite; below they are together with their weapons. AS-SO's Crew 45 DROP Foden Truck This a n d other pages depict the details of the DROP Foden 8x8 pallet loader, above is the same during the live gunfire practice at Glamoc. Below: A c a m p at Banja Luka. Foden D R O P Details 47 Foden D R O P Details This p a g e gives the unloading details of the American155mm a m -unition.

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