Banach Spaces by Lin B.-L., Johnson W.B. (eds.)

By Lin B.-L., Johnson W.B. (eds.)

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Prospects for Biological Control of Plant Feeding Mites and Other Harmful Organisms

The historical past of organic keep watch over of destructive organisms by way of mites is marked via impressive achievements with a couple of finest common enemies. Early works focused on using predatory mites for the keep an eye on of synanthropic flies, extra lately, the focal point has been totally on mites of the relations Phytoseiidae for the keep an eye on of plant feeding mites.

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56 The limitations of airpower were all too real. This example highlights an important point: in the absence of mutual respect and trust, political leaders might dismiss relevant and accurate military advice, or come to believe that their own judgments on the use of force can substitute for military expertise. 57 The point to note here is that special military expertise is needed to judge the limits of what military means can accomplish, and that the same expertise can give the military leverage in gaining autonomy.

30 Thus, with responsibility for formulating plans, the military gains influence. In describing the military’s unique expertise in this area Petraeus averred that the development of military options is a complex undertaking that requires knowledge, experience, and creativity. Detailed and timely information about one’s own forces is essential, as is current intelligence on the target of the military action. An understanding of the systems established for planning, coordination, and command and control of military operations is necessary as well.

Air University, Air Command and Staff College, School of Advanced Airpower Studies, 1996), 48–76. 45. Per Erik Solli, ‘‘In Bosnia, Deterrence Failed and Coercion Worked,’’ in Use of Air Power in Peace Operations, ed. Carsten F. Ronnfeldt and Per Erik Solli, NUPI Peacekeeping and Multinational Operations Report no. 7 (Oslo: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, 1997); and Solli, UN and NATO Air Power in the Former Yugoslavia, NUPI Report no. 209 (Oslo: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, 1997).

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