Bescherelle : La grammaire pour tous by Collectif

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B something becomes a social epidemic. C people become concerned about social epidemics. 2 The speaker says that, in her opinion, the book A presents some challenging conclusions. B is less complex than it may appear. C uses terminology that may confuse readers. Extract Two You hear a reporter on a radio programme talking as he climbs a big rock. 3 One question the speaker asks himself is A why he feels the way he does. B where his climbing partner has gone. C what has motivated him to climb the rock.

A deserved b unreasonable e ambiguous 4 If you are 'voracious' for something, you a are sceptical about it. b want a great deal of it. e do not receive as much of it as you should. 3 What does the writer say about becoming a professional sportsman? a People should be better prepared for it. b It has different repercussions in different sports. e It has certain implications in every sport. 4* What does the writer say about Rugby Union becoming a professional sport? a It has required rapid changes in attitude.

A something that writers seldom say about them D b the amount of preparation required of writers before reading from their work D D D c a misunderstanding writers have concerning what is expected of them d questions of a kind that writers are happy to be asked e questions which are not about the writer's own work f that writers are repeatedly asked the same questions Question 8 D D Stop the recording at the end of the fourth extract. Which of the following does William say? a Writers are not as miserable as people think they are.

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