Beyond a Dream Deferred: Multicultural Education and the by Becky Thompson

By Becky Thompson

Past A Dream Deferred: Multicultural schooling and the Politics of Excellence

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Derrick Bell, And We Are Not Saved (New York: Basic Books, 1987): 34. 41. : Crossing, 1984), 110-13. 42. Because we have consolidated progressive debates within such a wide and diverse field as multicultural education, this book has its own gaps and absences. By staying well within the boundaries of higher education in the United States we miss an opportunity for some rich and complex comparative analyses of instituting multicultural changes within different national contexts. The ongoing struggles, strategies, and successes of marginalized groups within British and Canadian society and education are cases in point.

S. society. From 1882 to World War II, the Chinese were the only people in American history singled out as an undesirable "race" that must be barred from further immigration to this Rethinking America 11 country. 15 The recent (since the late 1970s) elevation of Asian-Americans to the status of "model minority," deemed superior to other minorities because of their apparent greater ability to assimilate white middle-class virtues, cannot erase this long history of exclusion and unequal treatment.

Chronicle of Higher Education, July 8, 1992: A15. 27. On the multicultural side, there is nothing comparable to the NAS, the Intercollegiate Network, and funders like Olin, and there is nothing that resembles centralized direction. There are, of course, many professional and academic associations built on issues such as affirmative action, bilingual education, ethnic studies, women's studies, and cultural and literary studies that collectively involve thousands of active members. Specifically organized in opposition to the NAS are two faculty groups, neither of which has the NAS's bountiful funding: Teachers for a Democratic Culture (Professor Gerald Graff, University of Chicago, founder) and the Union of Democratic Intellectuals (Professor Stanley Aronowitz, City University of New York Graduate Center, founder).

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