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36 CHAPTER 1 Burgers Equation. The Burgers equation arises in turbulence and wave propagation. In 190612 it was already known to possess a relationship with the linear equation q + r = 0. (This was rediscovered by Hopf and Cole some fifty years later. For a discussion of those results and a simple explanation of them see Ames [1], pp. 40b) completes the Backlundtransformation pair. Example of Clairin. The equations 5j=0 and s + qe~z = Q are transformed into one another by the Backlund transformation I2 See Forsyth, op.

31). 28) results in 4 H. T. Davis, Introduction to Nonlinear Differential and Integral Equations (Dover, 1962). CLASSICAL FOUNDATIONS 25 a Riccati equation. We shall see the same phenomenon occurring in the next section and will elaborate on the idea in Chapter 4. The Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) Equation. 32) becomes after integration and the discard of an arbitrary function of integration. Here a = uxxx, while p and q are as before. 33) by using the Lie-Backlund transformation zx = u. 33). 33). 34b').

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