Blueprint for Revolution: How to Use Rice Pudding, Lego Men, by Srdja Popovic

By Srdja Popovic

A guide for an individual who desires to successfully (and peacefully) enhance your local, make a distinction on your group, or switch the world
Blueprint for Revolution will train you the way to
• make oppression backfire by way of enjoying your competitors’ most powerful card opposed to them
• establish the “almighty pillars of strength” so one can shift the stability of control
• dream large, yet begin small: find out how to choose battles you could win
• hearken to what humans really care approximately which will contain their wishes into your progressive vision
• grasp the artwork of compromise to collect even the main disparate groups
• realize your allies and examine your enemies as strength partners
• use humor to make your self heard, defuse very likely violent occasions, and “laugh your option to victory”
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“With this excellent e-book, Srdja Popovic is inspiring traditional humans dealing with injustice and oppression to take advantage of this instrument package to problem their oppressors and create whatever far better. whilst i used to be growing to be up, we dreamed that youngsters may perhaps deliver down those that misused their energy and create a extra simply and democratic society. For Srdja Popovic, residing in Belgrade in 1998, this related dream used to be probably a way more harmful proposal. yet with a very brave crew of scholars that shaped Otpor!, Srdja used mind's eye, invention, crafty, and many humor to create a circulate that not just succeeded in toppling the brutal dictator Slobodan Milošević yet has turn into a blueprint for nonviolent revolution around the globe. Srdja rules!”—Peter Gabriel
Blueprint for Revolution is not just a lively consultant to altering the realm yet a step forward within the annals of recommendation in case you search justice and democracy. It asks (and no longer heavy-handedly): so long as you need to switch the area, why no longer do it joyfully? It’s not only humorous. It’s heavily humorous. No joke.”—Todd Gitlin, writer of The Sixties and Occupy Nation

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And I had heard the same concerns raised in the Ukraine before Leonid Kuchma was toppled in the Orange Revolution in 2004, a year later in Lebanon on the eve of the Cedar Revolution, and three years after that in the Maldives, where pro-democracy activists ultimately deposed the country’s strongman. All of these revolutions were wildly successful, and all of them started with their organizers arguing that whatever happened in Serbia could never happen in their home countries. “But with all due respect,” interrupted a young Egyptian woman whose posture indicated that she wasn’t buying any of it, “you spoke about concerts and demonstrations.

But in order to hide in plain sight, we had to be sneaky. We needed to spark a series of small and creative confrontations with the regime. We wanted to capture that Rimtutituki moment, that special and hopeful feeling that resistance was not futile and that victory was within reach. Pointing across to the far corner of the plaza, I asked the Egyptians to look at the squat and deserted shopping complex from the 1980s just beyond the taxi stand that was completely sheathed in black glass. That spot was where Milošević’s security services had arrested me on December 15, 1998.

Like all the others, he didn’t like “piggish capitalism,” but he understood that for anything to change he needed to make the fight relevant to everyone, even those individuals who were relatively well-off. He knew that most people wouldn’t join an effort to do something that sounded really daunting, like forcing the prime minister to resign or coming up with an alternative economic program. He knew instinctively that when you have a vision of tomorrow, you can’t pick the big cataclysmic fight as your first confrontation.

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