Bomber Parade Headliners in Bomber Plane History by C. B. Colby

By C. B. Colby


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A History of War and Weapons, 449 to 1660

"The topic was once divided into 9 chronological sessions, starting with the Anglo-Saxons, via the Normans, after which by way of unmarried chapters on all of the 4 centuries, twelfth to fifteenth, with the final 3 chapters on 3 half-centuries from 1500 to 1660. inside every one of those 9 chapters, the cloth is sub-divided into 4 components excited about army association; palms and armour; strategies and process; and, eventually, castles and cannon.

Kooperation und Verbrechen: Formen der »Kollaboration« im östlichen Europa 1939-1945

Welche intent, Interessen und Handlungsspielräume hatten kooperierende einheimische Personen und Institutionen im östlichen Europa während der deutschen Besatzung? An vielen Orten hat es während des Zweiten Weltkrieges Formen von Zusammenarbeit zwischen deutschen Stellen und einheimischen Regierungen, Verwaltungen oder Einzelpersonen gegeben.

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185. 2 Modes of Bible Reading in Early Modern England W. R. Owens In an article entitled ‘Books and scrolls: navigating the Bible’ (2002), Peter Stallybrass argues that what he calls ‘discontinuous reading’ has been central to Christianity ever since it adopted the codex in preference to the scroll. He points to the ways in which Renaissance bibles were designed to facilitate easy reference backwards and forwards within the text by being divided into chapters and furnished with finding aids such as tables of contents, running heads, consistent pagination and indexes, arguing that ‘navigational aids’ such as these encouraged discontinuous reading practices.

There is, however, evidence that more solitary reading began to become popular at this time. 1). 3) is evidently a presentation copy, indicating that it was intended to be seen as much as heard. Though far from being the most elaborately decorated manuscript, its illustrations were still pleasing enough to induce mutilation of the manuscript at a later date in order to procure the drawings. Furthermore, we see in what remains (as we do in almost all the manuscript copies, even the most mundane) line-breaks, capitalization and a sort of punctuation that is absent in the manuscripts of Caedmon’s Hymn and Beowulf.

Chapter 10, ‘Some notes on medieval epic’. 6. From CUL MS Kk. 16, as found in Sweet’s Anglo-Saxon Reader, ed. Dorothy Whitelock (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1967), p. 181. 7. edu/, 21 December 2008. 8. The image presented has been declared to be in the public domain in the United States, Canada and the European Union. gif (accessed 21 December 2008). 9. This is a public domain image from Kip Wheeler’s homepage at CarsonWheeler College. Wheeler states: ‘This image is public domain’; http://web. jpeg (accessed 21 December 2008).

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