Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Second World War (Cass by Enver Redzic

By Enver Redzic

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Since then, moving away from their initial support for the NDH, the Muslims had increasingly taken to expressing their dissatisfaction more openly First the Muslims from Sarajevo, then those from Banja Luka, informed their representative in the NDH government, Dr Osman Kulenović, of their concern about the persecution of Serbs by the ‘irregular Ustasha’ and its ramifications for the Muslim population. ) For its part, he reported, the NDH government ordered the adaptation of a Meštrović building to a mosque in order to demonstrate its positive attitude toward the Muslims.

The elders in the villages allegedly expressed a willingness to collaborate with the Italians against their ‘common enemy’, the Communists. 55 Relying on this information concerning the situation in the uprising strongholds of the Bosnian Krajina area, and convinced that their positions were stable, the Italians allowed themselves to think that all of Bosnia and Herzegovina would eventually be in their hands. Their conviction that re-occupation would bring peace was not without foundation. Because of its anti-Serbian policies, the NDH could not have achieved such a positive result.

They displayed a passive attitude toward the NDH and the Croats. It would be wrong to conclude from this, however, that they were leaning toward the Serbs. The two groups confronted one another because religion, culture and historical development had divided them into two worlds. 95 They realized that during Chetnik pogroms and crimes in eastern Bosnia, they had received no protection from the Germans, whom the Muslim political representatives had previously considered their friends. Also in autumn 1942, a survey entitled ‘The Dalmatian problem of Bosnia and Herzegovina’ was prepared by Italian Carabinieri General Giuseppe Pièche for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome.

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