Brest-Litovsk: The Forgotten Peace, March 1918 by John W. Wheeler-Bennett

By John W. Wheeler-Bennett

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This spiritual pachydermity enabled the Tsar on his return incredible restraint, Moghilev in March 1917 to write of dominoes and patience. Later (March 16) when the storm burst, and he was confronted with the unavoidable necessity of abdication, he performed the act with a lack of emotion which embarrassed both the friends and enemies who witnessed it. to Nicholas II passed into the oblivion of exile and martyrdom, and with him vanished the Romanov dynasty 1 Arkhiv Russkoi Revoliutsii (Berlin, 1922-1934), v.

Herein lies the germ of all ensuing Soviet foreign policy and is found the explanation of the close relation which has hereafter existed between policy and propaganda. On March 27 the Petrograd Soviet issued its Proclamation to the Peoples of the World appealing to the labouring classes to take steps to bring to an end the san" The time has come to start a decisive guinary struggle. the intentions of conquest on the part of struggle against the governments of all countries the peoples to take into their questions of peace and war.

He returned to Russia immediately after the November Revolution (1917) and at once became a member of the Communist Party. KEKENSKY, LENIN, AND PEACE 44 Tchkeidze, the Menshevik, of whom the kindest " " Lenin had ever said was scoundrel and traitor thing Lenin stopped dead on seeing him; Tchkcidze looked abashed. In hurried tones he repeated his speech of welcome with its note of warning Soviet ! : Comrade Lenin, in the name of the Pctrograd Soviet and the but wo coiiHJdcr whole Kevolution, we welcome you to Russia .

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