Burning Bright by A. Catherine Noon, Rachel Wilder

By A. Catherine Noon, Rachel Wilder

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I don’t have insurance. ” Marty echoed. ” Sasha glared at him. ” Now what had possessed him to blurt that out? Marty frowned. ” Sasha turned away, the sponge in his hand. He stared at the table, but didn’t wipe it down. “If I don’t get the job, I’ll have to go back to Madison at the end of the month, Marty. I can’t afford to stay, and I can’t sell the farm. Aunt Z won’t give me money, and the Covens weren’t crazy about me leaving for the ‘wilds’ of Chicago. ” He paused. ” Sasha rolled his eyes.

I couldn’t take them all at once like that. My training is more one-on-one. ” He pulled into a Leona’s parking lot. “You up for some food? ” Sasha’s eyes widened and his lips parted. Neal laughed and leaned over to slip his hand around Sasha’s head. He kissed him, his mouth tasting like peppermint. He moved his lips to Sasha’s ear. “All in good time, Doc. ” “Good thing I have a cock ring on,” Sasha murmured back. Neal snorted. ” Sasha’s eyebrows disappeared toward the top of his head. ” Neal winked and got out of the car.

One of the others stepped closer and eyed the toughs on the ground behind them. ” “I know, Paul. What do you want me to do? ” “Fucking homophobes,” Paul spat. ” “You know the rules,” Neal soothed. ” “But if the mafia is muscling in—” “Then we’ll deal with it,” Neal cut in. “All bets are off if that’s true. But we don’t know, and now’s not the time to discuss it. Take care of it, will you? ” “He doesn’t look so good,” Carlos told him. ” Sasha started to argue but a wave of dizziness swelled up and he passed out.

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