Calculations in Fundamental Physics. Mechanics and Heat by T. Heddle

By T. Heddle

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21. / 2 2 Therefore resultant thrust on Ρ = y ( 2 3 . 5 + 5 . 5 = \2\°. The reaction of the pivot on the beam is equal and opposite to the thrust on P. (b) When the applied force is as in Fig. 22, the calculation would be the same for Fb as for F a , but the horizontal component /V=50 Ν ~n Resultant o n Ρ 30x9-81 Ν ι 20 Ν FIG. 22. Ex. 24(b). 40 VOL. I. 5 Ν is reversed. Then the reaction of the pivot is again 24 Ν at an angle of 12^°, but in a different direction from (a). 25. 0 m and weight 50 Ν is carried by two men, one at each end.

25. Loads of mass 250 g and 300 g hang from the ends of a 58 VOL. I. MECHANICS AND HEAT string passing over a light frictionless pulley. Calculate the tension - 2 and the acceleration. 89 m s . 26. 0 kg hangs from one end of a cord passing u p and over a light frictionless pulley. 27. 0 kg rests on a horizontal table. 0 kg which hangs at the end. Calculate the tension in the string and the acceleration when the system is released with a friction force of 15 Ν between the first block and the table.

A car of mass 750 kg is accelerated from rest by a constant force of 500 Ν for a distance of 200 m. Calculate the maximum speed reached and the brake force required to stop the car in a 1 distance of 20 m. 9. It is reckoned that the driver of a vehicle with good brakes on a dry road may take a distance of 25 m to stop from a speed of FORCE AND ACCELERATION 51 - 1 50 k m h in a sudden emergency. Of this distance, 10 m is covered during the driver's reaction time. 10. 0 s in coming t o rest from 48 k m h .

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