Callahan's Secret by Spider Robinson

By Spider Robinson

Callahan's position is open for enterprise, and all the "regulars" are here--a conversing puppy, an alcoholic vampire, and telepaths--enhancing their joys via drowning their sorrows. each person, that's, yet Mickey Finn, a seven-foot tall alien at risk of enslavement by the hands of a traveler from around the galaxy...Come inside of, pull up a chair, order a drink, make a toast, and allow Spider Robinson introduce you to the main designated consumers to common any institution, at a bar the place an important legislation is "shared soreness is lessened; shared pleasure is increased." And if there is time left on the finish of the evening, simply perhaps they're going to shop the world...

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It worked. It took her a second to get it, and then she laughed, about Force Six. “Jake,” she said, “you’ve got a nice-looking evening yourself. I think I’m going to like this bar. Do you suppose this no-rain gimmick would work on our clothes if we took them out and put them on? ” “Not necessary, no, but clothes are customarily worn. ” Sure enough, the rain avoided our clothing, too. “Of course,” I said, “they’ll get wet when we put them-” and then stopped. I wasn’t wet any more. Neither was she.

My God! I know that staircase! ” I began to smile through my sorrow. “Ah, God, Sally,” I said to the weeping heavens, “I’m sorry they closed you down, the world is a darker place-but at least all your treasures haven’t fallen among heathens. ’ “Enjoying her retirement. ” “Only the very best. This is Callahan’s Place, do you see? ’ “The way you could see that I was a good smith, maybe. There is something about the place. But I-“ “Be sure. If the staircase had legs, it would have walked here. Miracles happen here-a little like the ones that happened at Lady Sally’s, come to think.

I’m sure you know the strange, special magic of high places. Have you ever been on one at night? In the warm rain? To be sure, Callahan’s roof is a wonderful place ‘from which to view the world in nearly any’ weather. The land falls sharply away to-the north and east, amid incredibly for Long Island (even for Suffolk County) it is largely undeveloped, raw trees as far as you can make out. To the south and west, beyond the parking lot, runs Route 25A, sparsely lined with garishly lit sucker traps.

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