Calreticulin by Marek Michalak Ph.D. (auth.)

By Marek Michalak Ph.D. (auth.)

This ebook is set calreticulin, a multifunctional calcium binding protein first came across over two decades in the past. The protein has been defined in numerous destinations: endoplasmic reticulum, nuclear envelope, cytoplasmic granules, nucleus, cellphone floor or even secreted into the blood movement. This quantity outlines the newly found services for calreticulin together with its keep an eye on of calcium homeostasis, modulation of steroid-sensitive gene expression, regulate of viral RNA replication, modulation of nuclear delivery, function in T lymphocyte activation and cytotoxic killing, chaperone functionality, keep watch over of adhesion-dependent signaling through integrins, attainable position within the biology of ticks, within the pathology of autoimmune ailments and in blood function.

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