Caproni Ca.3

Caproni Ca.3 КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Caproni Ca.3 (Windsock Datafile 78)ByGregory AlegiPublisher:Albatros Productions Limited199940 PagesISBN: 190220719XPDF33 MBThere could be few aviation fans strange with the well-known Italian Caproni bombers of WWI. The type's visual appeal in our DATAFILE sequence has been lengthy past due and now, due to Italian historian Gregory Alegi, the 1st actual examine of the Ca.3 outdoor of its local state has been realised. With the cooperation of Countess Caproni and her family members, we will current this precise pictorial tribute to a real WWI aeronautical classic.With Ian Stair's multi-page 1:48/1:72 scale plans, infrequent archive and shut up images, no longer forgetting Italian artist Danilo Renzulli's eye­catching hide portray, we're proud so as to add this new name to our diversity of WWI aeroplane monographs.SharingmatrixDepositfiles fifty one

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