Special Education

Don’t Accept Me as I am: Helping “Retarded” People to Excel by Reuven Feuerstein

By Reuven Feuerstein Show description [...]

The Inclusive School: Sustaining Equity and Standards by Judy W. Kugelmass

By Judy W. Kugelmass Throughout the tale of a gradually minded public common institution, the writer indicates how devoted [...]

Groupwork with Learning Disabilities: Creative Drama by Anna Chesner

By Anna Chesner This functional guide is for a person who has the potential of facilitating artistic drama for individuals [...]

Widening the Circle: The Power of Inclusive Classrooms by Mara Sapon-Shevin

By Mara Sapon-Shevin Widening the Circle is a passionate, even radical argument for growing institution and school room [...]

Spotlight on Writing: A Teacher's Toolkit of Instant Writing by Glynis Hannell

By Glynis Hannell Spotlight on Writing bargains lecturers a wide selection of subject matters and actions to stimulate, have [...]

Chataway: Making Communication Count, from Foundation Stage by Andrew Burnett

By Andrew Burnett Based at the learn of the Bristol Language improvement Scales (BLADES), Chataway is a established programme [...]

A parent's guide to asperger syndrome and high-functioning by Sally Ozonoff PhD, Geraldine Dawson PhD, James C. McPartland

By Sally Ozonoff PhD, Geraldine Dawson PhD, James C. McPartland PhD Written via best specialists within the box, this [...]

Boosting Executive Skills in the Classroom: A Practical by Joyce Cooper-Kahn, Margaret Foster

By Joyce Cooper-Kahn, Margaret Foster A advisor for supporting scholars with vulnerable government functionality abilities to [...]

Boosting the Adolescent Underachiever: How Parents Can by Victor Cogen

By Victor Cogen After his debut with Boosting the Underachiever: How Busy mom and dad Can free up Their kid's capability, Dr [...]

From Isolation to Intimacy: Making Friends Without Words by Phoebe Caldwell

By Phoebe Caldwell When you have no language, how will you make your self understood, not to mention make acquaintances? [...]