Condensing multivalued maps and semilinear differential by Mikhail Kamenskii

By Mikhail Kamenskii The idea of set-valued maps and of differential inclusion is constructed in recent times either as a box [...]

Topological Signal Processing by Michael Robinson

By Michael Robinson Signal processing is the self-discipline of extracting details from collections of measurements. To be [...]

Lectures on three-manifold topology by William Jaco

By William Jaco This manuscript is a close presentation of the 10 lectures given by way of the writer on the NSF neighborhood [...]

Knot Theory (Mathematical Association of America Textbooks) by Charles Livingston

By Charles Livingston Knot conception, a full of life exposition of the math of knotting, will entice a various viewers from [...]

Open Problems in Topology by Jan van Mill, George M. Reed

By Jan van Mill, George M. Reed This quantity grew from a dialogue through the editors at the hassle of discovering solid [...]

Recent Advances in Topological Dynamics by A. Beck

By A. Beck Show description [...]

Different Faces of Geometry by Simon Donaldson, Yakov Eliashberg, Misha Gromov

By Simon Donaldson, Yakov Eliashberg, Misha Gromov Diversified Faces of Geometry - edited through the area popular geometers [...]

Category Theory by K. H. Kamps

By K. H. Kamps Show description [...]

Introduction to Compact Riemann Surfaces and Dessins by Ernesto Girondo

By Ernesto Girondo Few books near to Riemann surfaces conceal the particularly smooth concept of dessins d'enfants [...]

General Topology by Stephen Willard

By Stephen Willard Top-of-the-line to be had reference introductions to normal topology, this quantity is acceptable for [...]