The theory of spinors by Elie Cartan; André Mercier

By Elie Cartan; André Mercier Show description [...]

The role of topology in classical and quantum physics by Giuseppe Morandi

By Giuseppe Morandi Show description [...]

Topology by Horst Schubert

By Horst Schubert Show description [...]

Smooth Compactifications of Locally Symmetric Varieties by Avner Ash, David Mumford, Michael Rapoport, Yung-sheng Tai

By Avner Ash, David Mumford, Michael Rapoport, Yung-sheng Tai The hot variation of this celebrated and long-unavailable [...]

History of Topology by I. M. James

By I. M. James Topology, for a few years, has been some of the most intriguing and influential fields of study in smooth [...]

An Introduction to Topology and Homotopy by Allan J. Sieradski

By Allan J. Sieradski The therapy of the topic of this article isn't really encyclopedic, nor was once it designed to be [...]

Erdos space and homeomorphism groups of manifolds by Jan J. Dijkstra

By Jan J. Dijkstra Permit M be both a topological manifold, a Hilbert dice manifold, or a Menger manifold and allow D be an [...]

Duality in Topological Quantum Field Theories [thesis] by C. Lozano

By C. Lozano Show description [...]

Elliptic Cohomology: Geometry, Applications, and Higher by Haynes R. Miller, Douglas C. Ravenel

By Haynes R. Miller, Douglas C. Ravenel Edward Witten as soon as acknowledged that Elliptic Cohomology used to be a bit of [...]

Knot Theory by Charles Livingston

By Charles Livingston As a survey of the fundamentals of knot thought, this ebook is nearly as good because it will get. the [...]