Chaotic Harmony: A Dialog about Physics, Complexity and Life by Ali Sanayei, Otto E. Rössler

By Ali Sanayei, Otto E. Rössler

This interesting ebook written through Ali Sanayei and Otto E. Rössler isn't really a vintage medical ebook, yet a brilliant discussion on technological know-how, philosophy and the interdisciplinary intersections of technological know-how and know-how with biographic components. Chaotic concord: A conversation approximately Physics, Complexity and Life represents a dialogue among Otto Rössler and his colleague and pupil, concentrating on the several parts of technological know-how and highlights their mutual kin. The book's idea of interdisciplinary discussion is uncommon these days even though it has an extended culture in technological know-how. It offers perception not just into attention-grabbing issues which are frequently heavily associated, but additionally into the brain of a famous scientist within the box of physics, chaos and complexity commonly. It permits a deep inspect the attention-grabbing means of clinical improvement and discovery and offers a really attention-grabbing history of recognized and unknown proof within the parts of advanced techniques in physics, cosmology, biology, brains and structures usually. This booklet may be priceless to all who're attracted to technological know-how, its evolution and in an unconventional and unique test matters. without doubt it may function an proposal for college students, explaining the usually ignored incontrovertible fact that technological know-how and philosophy improve each one other.

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In celestial mechanics, Poincaré saw the first example of this new field. So celestial mechanics is at odds with thermodynamics? Absolutely, this is what I am driving at. People thought for a long time that you need many particles in order to get the typical macroscopic behavior we are familiar with from the theory of heat—how energy gets dissipated and equidistributed in a system. Then, 127 years after John James Waterston, Yakov Sinai made the theory of billiards the deterministic fundament of thermodynamics in 1970.

Yes, the little h occurs here in the context of a Hamiltonian gas. It turns out that the Sackur-Tetrode formula contains h, not because h is put-in as a universal constant as everybody believes, but only because it is employed as a convenient unit. To give a comparison,—if you measure the circumference of the earth in kilometers, no one would claim that because the formula contains kilometers, the circumference is ‘‘quantized’’ in terms of kilometers in reality. In the same vein, the SackurTetrode formula for the entropy is not quantized, even though it contains h in the denominator.

It is courtesy of Paul Rapp. When he visited me in Tübingen in late 1976, I told him that I planned to find the next higher level of complexity in 4-dimensional rather than 3-dimensional systems and I asked him whether I should, in case I succeeded call it superchaos or hyperchaos. Paul convinced me that the latter term is much better. You mentioned already the theory of fractals. I would like to ask: Do you believe that in a chaotic attractor, we cannot see a fractal geometry but in hyperchaos, we can?

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