Charters of St-Fursy of Péronne by William Mendel Newman, John F. Benton, Mary A. Rouse

By William Mendel Newman, John F. Benton, Mary A. Rouse

The charters released during this quantity made it attainable to persist with relatively good the existence, pursuits, and estate of the church of Saint-Fursy within the 12th and 13th century. the amount is basically a reconstruction of the misplaced cartulary of Saint-Fursy, it doesn't include the entire charters which trouble the collegiate church sooner than 1300.

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Odonis. S. Rogeri. S. Raineri. S. Gaufridi. Item Gaufridi. S. Roberti. S. Godelini. • Ricerum BC, Richerum D. * et BC, et pro D. ' Erenfridi BC, Eremfridi D. 1 All the witnesses except the second Caufridus are found in Lambert's act of 8 Sept. 1119 (no. 11). The terminus a quo is 1121 when Gervais became abbot of Arrouaise. The terminus ad quern is 1126-1130, when Lambert died. If one could learn the dates for Hugh privot, it might make the date more precise. 18. [1126-II30]1 An agreement between Matthew, dean of St-Fursy, and Peter, prior of Lihons, by which the monks of Lihons agree to pay St-Fursy an annual quit-rent for land at Vermandovillers, Proyart and Hyencourt.

Somme, XX H 15, piece 2). 1205: March 21 (N. ). Act of several persons for Premontre (HFXXIV, p. 272, no. 7). Petrus 1207: (Newman, Mont-St-Quentin, nos. 104, 105). 1213: June. " Act of Stephen, bishop of Noyon, confirming Peter's gift to Abbaye-aux-Bois (A: Arch. , L i o n , no. 9). 1222, July - 1230, June: "When Thomas of Provins was dean, P. ," in bull of Gregory IX of 21 December 1232 (no. 136). 1233: November. : Arch. , S 4414, Inventaire . . -D. aux Bois, fol. 490V. ). Treasurers (thesaurarii, custodes) Milol 1040, 9 February-1045, 1 October: "custos aeclesie S.

Matheus filius Odonis. Symon filius Petri. Rabodus. , ciclo decemnovenali anno primo. " Peis B, error for Pois. 1 The seven elements o f the date disagree. The year, 1122, and the epact agree. The lunar cycle is for 1120 and the four other elements are for 1121. Probably 1122 is the surest. 131123, after July 121 Simon, bishop o/Noyon and Tournai, confirms to Lambert, dean ofSt-Fursy, and to his successors the care of the souls of the canons ofSt-Fursy and ofSt-Uger of Peronne. B: Copy by Grenier, Coll.

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