Ciba Foundation Symposium 59 - Major Mental Handicap:

Chapter 1 Chairman's advent (pages 1–2): C. O. Carter
Chapter 2 major explanations of significant psychological Handicap: incidence and Epidemiology (pages 3–16): Eva Alberman
Chapter three Aetiology of critical Handicapping stipulations in Early formative years (pages 17–27): C. M. Drillien
Chapter four critical psychological Retardation in Swedish kids Born 1959–1970: Epidemiological landscape and Causative elements (pages 29–51): Bengt Hagberg
Chapter five ABCs of Perinatal medication (pages 53–76): Calvin J. Hobel
Chapter 6 Neonatal extensive Care and the Prevention of significant Handicap (pages 77–137): E. O. R. Reynolds
Chapter 7 a style for Neurological overview in the First 12 months of existence: adventure with Full?Term child babies with start harm (pages 107–126): Claudine Amiel?Tison
Chapter eight current prestige of the child of Very Low delivery Weight taken care of in a Referral Neonatal extensive Care Unit in 1974 (pages 139–150): P. M. Fitzhardinge, E. Kalman, S. Ashby and okay. E. Pape
Chapter nine consequence for babies at excessive danger of significant Handicap (pages 151–171): Ann Stewart, Diane Turcan, Grace Rawlings, Susanna Hart and Sheila Gregory
Chapter 10 software of Cost–Benefit research to Programmes for the Prevention of psychological Handicap (pages 173–191): R. L. Akehurst and Sally Holtermann
Chapter eleven Perinatality: French Cost–Benefit reviews and judgements on Handicap and Prevention (pages 193–220): Marie Therese Chapalain

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However, Sweden is not comparable to the UK. 3%. 4%. Silverman: In recent years, New York City has experienced a striking shift in the distribution of birth weights. 5 kg is accounted for, to a significant extent, by the fact that fewer infants in the lowest weight classes are now there to drag the over-all rate down. Alberman: Nevertheless, within a particular weight group it is perfectly legitimate to make comparisons. Silverman: I wonder. Birth weight is a crude descriptor. Anyone with experience in caring for newborn infants realizes that the group weighing 1000-1500 g is a heterogeneous class.

Winship: So intensive resuscitation is available there at all times? Hagberg: Yes. In Goteborg, two university departments of obstetrics, with a neonatal unit attached to each, serve half a million people. In addition, we have a very active intensive care unit at the Department of Paediatrics. One of our collaborators has just gone through the series of intensive care neonates and that has very good results. It has been possible to show that no more severely damaged cases are being produced. To generalize, the babies of very low birth weight either seem to die or to become normal.

M. (1968) Studies in mental handicap. 11. Some obstetric factors of possible aetiological significance. Arch. Dis. Child. 43, 283-294 DRILLIEN, C. , JAMESON, S. & WILKINSON, E. M. (1966) Studies in mental handicap. I: Prevalence and distribution by clinical type and severity of defect. Arch. Dis. Child. 41, 528-538 Major Mental Handicap: methods and costs of prevenfion Editors: KATHERINE ELLIOTT (Organizer) and MAEVE O'CONNOR Copyright 01978 Ciba Foundation Severe mental retardation in Swedish children born 1959-1970: epidemiological panorama and causative factors BENGT HAGBERG Department of Pediatrics, University of Coteborg, East Hospital, Coteborg The findings from two recent Swedish retrospective studies on severely mentally retarded children born 1959-70 are surveyed.

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