Ciba Foundation Symposium - Bioassay of Anterior Pituitary

Chapter 1 necessities for Clinically precious Endocrine Bioassays (pages 1–9): Albert Segaloff
Chapter 2 The Bioassay of Thyrotrophic Hormone within the Hypophysectomized Rat utilizing 32P (pages 10–19): M. L. Dedman, A. Stuart Mason, P. Morris and C. J. O. R. Morris
Chapter three Assay of Thyrotrophic Hormone via 131I Discharge (pages 20–24): I. C. Gilliland and Russell Fraser
Chapter four Chick Assay of Thyrotrophic Hormone utilizing 32P (pages 25–32): A. C. Crooke and Joyce D. Matthews
Chapter five results of Chorionic and Equine Gonadotrophins on Hypophysectomized Immature Rats (pages 33–43): R. Moricard
Chapter 6 Chromatography of Urinary Gonadotrophins (pages 44–51): W. R. Butt and A. C. Crooke
Chapter 7 difficulties within the medical Use of Gonadotropins (pages 52–57): F. Moricard
Chapter eight medical purposes of the Assay of Pituitary and Placental Gonadotrophins (pages 58–73): J. A. Loraine
Chapter nine checks for Luteotrophin (pages 74–89): E. B. Astwood
Chapter 10 a few Observations on Prolactin Assays through the Pigeon Crop?Weight process (pages 90–105): Pamela M. Clarke and S. J. Folley
Chapter eleven Assay of Urinary Prolactin task (pages 106–114): Albert Segaloff
Chapter 12 Bioassay of development Hormone (pages 115–123): C. H. Li
Chapter thirteen Assay of progress Hormone for Diabetogenic task (pages 124–132): E. Reid
Chapter 14 The motion of Pituitary arrangements at the Adrenal Cortex (pages 133–146): M. P. Stack?Dunne
Chapter 15 makes an attempt to Assay Acth with no Hypophysectomy (pages 147–152): G. A. H. Buttle and J. R. Hodges
Chapter sixteen The size of Acth job in Plasma (pages 153–161): C. H. grey and D. M. V. Parrott
Chapter 17 Eosinophils, Lymphocytes, and 17?Hydroxycorticosteroids as Indices of Adrenocortical task (pages 162–174): D. H. Nelson
Chapter 18 The influence of Adrenal Steroids Upon Muscle paintings (pages 175–185): Dwight J. Ingle
Chapter 19 Observations on Comparative organic Assays of Adrenal Cortical Steroids (pages 186–192): Marthe Vogt
Chapter 20 Assay of Gluco?Corticoids (pages 193–202): J. A. Nissim
Chapter 21 The Paper Chromatography of Steroids and its program to Assay difficulties (pages 203–215): I. E. Bush
Chapter 22 decision of 3?Ketosteroids as a degree of Adrenal Cortex functionality (pages 216–221): W. R. Butt and A. C. Crooke
Chapter 23 Chairman's ultimate comments (pages 222–224): J. H. Gaddum

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Carrier-free lS1Iare administered, and approximately 10 per cent of the dose is in the thyroid glands a t the end of the 24 hours, giving an average count of 1434/minute. It is believed it will have no radiation effect on the thyroid gland’s ability to discharge iodine in the time of this experiment (Skanse, 1948). Thyroxine L-Thyroxine sodium is used, prepared freshly each day. It is administered at the time of the lS1I, although we are pro- NIL. 2. IMY ZDAYS 3DAYS Effect of varying daily doses of thyroxine on lalI discharge.

Suppl. 28, p. 279. MORICARD, MOBICARD, R. (1946). J . Phgsiol. Path. , 40,2788. ,and GOTHIE, S. (1949). J . Physiol. Path. , 41,184A. E. (1926). Anal. , 33, 221. E. (1980). Amer. J . , 45,205. SMITH, ZONDEK, B. (1926). Geburtsh. ,90,872. DISCUSSION GADDUM: How are these results related to work on the separation of the gonadotrophins in pituitary extracts? R. MORICARD: pur extract was made from the hypophysis of the bull and contained both follicle stimulating and luteinizing factors, without separation.

KEATING, F. , RAWSON, R. , and EVANS,R. D. (1945). Endocrinology, 36, 187. LARSON, R. A,, KEATING, F. , and RAWSON, R. W. (1945). Endocrinology, 36, 160. PERRY,W. F. (1951). Endocrinology, 48,643. SKANSE, B. N. (1948). J. clin. , 8 , 707. CIBA FOUNDATION COLLOQUIA ON ENDOCRINOLOGI G. E. W. WOLSTENHOLME Copyright 0 1953 Ciba Foundatior CHICK ASSAY OF THYROTROPHIC HORMONE USING ssp A . C . CROOKE and JOYCE D. MATTHEWS MANY different methods have been employed for the assay of thyrotrophin (TSJI) with varying degrees of success.

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