Ciba Foundation Symposium - Steroid Hormones and Tumour

Chapter 1 Steroids in terms of melanoma from the Chemical point (pages 1–11): C. W. Shoppee
Chapter 2 The function of nutritional hint components in Hormone?Induced Tissue development (pages 12–23): R. Hertz
Chapter three The effect of the female and male intercourse Hormones at the improvement of Lymphoid Tumours in Mice (pages 24–30): E. S. Horning and L. Dmochowski
Chapter four Steroid Hormones and Prostatic melanoma in Mice (pages 31–45): E. S. Horning
Chapter five Carcinogenic task of Sterols (pages 46–51): I. Hieger
Chapter 6 The influence of Steroid Hormones on Experimental Pituitary and Gonadal Tumorigenesis (pages 52–68): W. U. Gardner
Chapter 7 a few results of Steroids at the Mammary Gland (pages 69–86): S. J. Folley
Chapter eight Le position des Hormones Steroides dans los angeles Croissance Normale et Pathologique de l. a. Glande Mammaire (pages 87–111): A. Chamorro
Chapter nine The influence of Steroids at the prevalence of Mammary Tumours in Mice (pages 112–123): O. Muhlbock
Chapter 10 Hormonal Responses of Mammary Tumours in Mice (pages 124–134): L. F. Foulds
Chapter eleven Anti?Tumour actions of Steroids in Animals (pages 135–151): C. Chester Stock
Chapter 12 The Anti?Androgenic keep an eye on of Human melanoma (pages 152–156): C Huggins
Chapter thirteen management of huge Dosage of Oestrogen to Breast and Prostatic melanoma sufferers; Blood degrees Attained (pages 157–169): W. W. Tullner, J. P. younger and R Hertz
Chapter 14 The amendment of Tumour?Host relatives through Steroid Hormones (pages 170–186): B. W. Begg
Chapter 15 Steroid Hormones and melanoma (pages 187–197): okay Dobriner
Chapter sixteen Acth and Cortisone in Acute Leuk?mia in kids (pages 198–209): J. H. Burchenal
Chapter 17 Adrenal functionality and Steroid Excretion in Neoplastic affliction (pages 210–224): ok Dobriner
Chapter 18 Chairman's last comments (pages 225–227):

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In the albumin of the egg there is enough avidin to neutralize the biotin content of the yoll~completely, that is, if you make a homo- GENERAL DISCUSSION 23 genate of a freshly laid whole egg, there is an excess of avidin, whether the egg is fertilized or not. As incubation of the fertilked egg progresses, there is a progressive drop in the avidin content of the albumin, and if we take a non-fertilized egg as a control and expose it t o the same amount of heat, we get the same loss of avidin. So it seems that there is disintegration of this heat-labile material upon exposure t o the heat of incubation.

Nelson at Berkeley showed me her studies o n the effects of folic acid antagonists on the young of pregnant rats, beginning the administration of antagonist early in the pregnancy. She has obtained extreme abnormalities in fatal development: fetuses which are some three t o four times normal size and are extremely edematous. Yet the mother is entirely well, gains weight and can be delivered of these abnormal fetuses, so the maternal tissues seem to be much less vulnerable than the f e t a l tissues.

Both the glandular and the squamous-cell carcinomas grew on transplantation, and grew as serial transplants for many generations. The observation that the focus of malignant change is restricted to the epithelium of the alveoli in the exhaustion phase of the secretory cycle is of importance. It would appear that the non-secreting alveolar epithelium is more susceptible to the action of the carcinogen than when at the height of secretory activity. These findings are also of interest because they support Haddow’s (1947) contention that chemical carcinogens act more readily on cells following depression of cellular activity.

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