Understanding Surveillance Technologies: Spy Devices, by J.K. Petersen

By J.K. Petersen

Realizing Surveillance applied sciences demystifies secret agent units and describes how know-how is used to watch and checklist intimate information of people’s lives—often with no their wisdom or consent. From old origins to present purposes, it explains how satellites, pinhole cameras, cellular phone and bank card logs, DNA kits, tiny microphones (“bugs”), chemical sniffers, and implanted RF/ID chips have enabled us to create a two-edged sword—devices that promise safety whereas, while, eroding our privacy.
Understanding Surveillance applied sciences is profusely illustrated with large references and indexes, laying the foundation for extra really good texts on particular applied sciences. It covers all the significant sensing units and explains how they're utilized in civilian, felony justice, medical, nationwide protection, and army purposes. additionally it is fresh adjustments in laws and the association of the intelligence group, and discusses how equivalent entry to high-tech sensing units and encryption schemes has replaced society.
Understanding Surveillance applied sciences is modular, so the chapters could be learn in any order, and is written in an obtainable, a little bit narrative variety, to fit the wishes of journalists/newscasters, privateness organisations, educators, civic planners, and know-how facilities. it really is applicable as an accessory reference for legal justice/law enforcement/military, and forensic trainees, and as a textbook for classes in Surveillance stories, Sociology, Communications, and Political technological know-how. Now in its moment variation, with 1,000 pages and greater than seven-hundred diagrams, it truly is nonetheless the one textual content that comprehensively conveys the breadth of the sector.

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The photo is labeled (among other things) “Bureau of Intelligence” in small letters at the bottom and “Commander” Chas. H. Davis is seated at the desk. The Library of Congress dates it as 1890 to 1901, but if Davis were a Navy Commander at the time, a rank just above Captain, it is more likely to have originated in the 1850s. But ... that was before the Civil War (which took place in the early 1860s) and an official intelligence office in the 1850s seems unlikely. Another possibility is that the term ‘commander’ is used loosely or that the image is mislabeled (which is not uncommon).

Nonprofit applications of surveillance technologies include monitoring environments, crops, wildlife, pollution, sociopolitical unrest, corporate management, manufacture of consumer goods, and military activities. e. Personal Applications Since the mid-1990s, surveillance technologies, particularly motion detectors, video cameras, and computer-related devices, have become consumer items and many surveillance images end up “in the wild” (available to anyone) on the Internet. Thus, there is a need to educate the public about the various devices, how they could or should be used, and implications for personal freedoms and privacy.

By the mid-1770s, George Washington was making regular use of coded messages, foreign agents, and other surveillance resources to further the aims of the American Revolution. S. Customs service and the ports of entry it was entrusted to surveil. Border surveillance and search and seizure decisions relied heavily on human judgment until the late 1900s, when electronic devices were installed to aid border officials in scanning vehicles and license plates. It also made it possible to record names and identifying documents and characteristics in computer databases, and to patrol the borders at night.

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